Celebrity Examples

Pinder Lane Productions has been able to obtain for advertising agencies and their clients for specific campaigns various on-camera and voice-over participation by celebrities, for example: Beyoncé Knowles for the new Crystal Geyser campaign and her upcoming tour in Japan, Leonardo DiCaprio - in commercials for Orico Credit Card Japan,   Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek for Visa International, Dan Aykroyd for FT.com, Marlon Brando’s and Sylvester Stallone’s voices from the Godfather and Rocky for use in the Emmy Award Winning commercial “Chimps” for HBO,  Ewan McGregor for AEON English Language Schools in Japan,  Elvis Presley’s likeness in a film clip, Aretha Franklin’s recording and on-camera appearance for Pizza Hut, as well as Joe Pesci’s voice-over for Pepsi commercials,   Spike Lee, Donald Trump and Ivana Trump for Pizza Hut, Bebe Neuwirth for VISA,  Faye Dunaway, Chris Elliot, Ally Landry and Sean Hayes for Frito-Lay, Shirley MacLaine, and Billy Crystal for Pepsi and Diet Pepsi and Denise Richards for Wild Cherry Pepsi, Dennis Miller, Steven Weber and Tia Carrere for M&M’s and Paul Newman’s voice for Texaco.