Film Clips, Cartoon and Comic Strip Licensing

Pinder Lane Productions provides sources for obtaining film clips, cartoon and comic book characters, clearing estates, trade mark clearances and all other licensing needs as requested by advertising agencies and their clients, and obtains quotes for their possible use in commercial advertising including fees for the actual film clip material and also any fees that may be due for the right to use the likeness of any well-known persons shown in a particular film clip. Upon approval from an agency or client, Pinder Lane Productions negotiates to contract for the film clip(s) or trade mark or other items selected for a specific use. Pinder Lane Productions also clears the estates of deceased well-known personalities for the right to use the name and likeness for advertising purposes. Fred Flintstone and Pebbles for Campbell’s Soups, Star Wars characters for HBO, Alien creature from “Alien 3” for Pepsi, Miss Piggy for Frito-Lay, Batman for Snickers, Fantastic Voyage film clip for G.E. Medical, and “Singing In The Rain” (The Dancing Elephant) for G.E. clean air corporate are a few examples.